10 Gift Experience Ideas for Women

10 Gift Experience Ideas for Women

Gifting adults can be really challenging because by a certain age you usually have what you want and the things that you do want people may not feel comfortable purchasing... like a new Oral-B toothbrush.  Gifting for women can be even more challenging.. 

There are many things that women like, so finding something unique and special for her is not easy. But if you know what she likes, then you can easily find something that she would enjoy. Here are some ideas:

So here are some ideas for gift experiences for women. 

1. Spa Day:  I don't know too many women that will turn down a spa day. An opportunity to rest and relax with other people pampering you is the best. Even better is not having to decide anything but enjoying relaxation. A spa day is one of the best gifts for women because it allows her to relax while getting pampered.


2. House Cleaner: If you can provide a house cleaner to do a deep clean even better but if you are going to provide the cleaning then I highly suggest that you kick them out of the house and you clean up the home while they are gone. That way when they come home they have a lovely cleaned space. 


3. Sleeping In:  Allowing to sleep in undisturbed is the best thing ever. I recently slept in my guest bedroom and I wasn't disturbed at all. I woke up not even knowing where I was. It was amazing. So allowing your special someone the opportunity to sleep in without responsibilities is an amazing gift. 


4. Meal Prep and Plan out Dinner: The hardest part of adulting is literally dinner. Who knew?  Check out this website that provides amazing recipes for Crockpot Freezer Meals.  (saved my life as a new mom) 


5. Alone time: An extended amount. If you are a mom, you know that having kids means no alone time. Not when you shower or poop. So a beautiful gift can be your partner taking the kids out for the day and you can get an extended amount of alone time to just recover. 


6.  Movie Night with the works: Grab their favorite feel-good movie and create a platter of candies, snacks and drinks and have a movie night (no kids... ) Just making it special so they don't have to decide or do anything. 


7. Craft Day: Some women love to make things but don't have Michaels in their basement. There are plenty of local business that offer craft nights where you can get an opportunity to paint a picture, a mug or wooden board with drinks! 


8. Museum Passes: I have been trying to get myself to museum for years now but I always come up with a reason not too. If someone took away the choice and just said hey... we have passes to the art museum lets go then that would be amazing. Museums always have events happening so try a day where there something extra special going o. 


9. Rage Room: Have you've heard of these? They are basically a place you pay to destroy old equipment. For a relatively small fee and signing some waivers. You'll be let into a room with old computer equipment and are allowed to trash it! Some places even have drinks! Definitely worth checking out. 


10. Floating: Ever since I saw Altered States in high school, I've wanted to try an isolation tank. Essentially you are in a small pod filled with high saline content water so you can float. The idea is to let your body completely relax so you can let your mind relax and take a break. It is definitely a unique experience worth trying. 

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Happy Holidays and leave a comment to share your favorite gift experience! 

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