It's not you.. it's me but really it's you

It's not you.. it's me but really it's you

I don't want to start this off with visions of grandeur. I didn't go into teaching thinking I was Miss Honey from Matilda. I went into teaching because I enjoyed being around kids and talking about science. Teaching allowed me to literally combine all the things I like in life; science, creativity, independence and sure kids. 

That being said.. 

We need a break. A teacher break longer than a Summer, a teacher sabbatical.. whatever you want to call it. 

We need a pause. 


Teaching is a bit extra... 

As soon as the school year starts, it's as if you are on a rollercoaster and the end of it is June when school is let out. You have low points, high points, literally chugging up a hill points and it's exhausting. 

This doesn't even include the extras

What are the extras? You know children with all sorts of learning differences, experiences and influences. Parents... and oh Parents, administrators, lack of pay etc etc. I can go on. 


The point is.. I was/am tired. In pursuant of trying to make this relationship work over the years, I didn't give myself enough attention. I stopped exercising, sleeping well, eating well, and worked too much. I let the stress of work influence me at home and I was just over doing it. 

And well... 

My mind and body literally gave up and I really had to quit. I had to take time and get back to the basics of living like a human again. 

So what now? 

I'm coming back! Don't worry, I don't think I can quit teaching entirely. Not yet at least but for now I'm literally take a long long break and I'm slowly getting back to why I wanted to be a teacher. 

  • I'm creating 
  • I'm reading 
  • I'm resting
  • I'm happy around my family

I'm also learning to put boundaries between work and life because like I said... teaching is a bit much. 

If you are on a teaching sabbatical, what are you doing? 

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