Middle School Teachers enjoy the drama too...

Middle School Teachers enjoy the drama too...

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Do you look back on your middle school days as a student and think "Wow...that sucked, I never want to do that again??" 

Middle school sucked for me... not just academically but socially. I was not that popular and definitely was bullied. Not stereotypical Hollywood bullying but definitely bullying. 

When I think back to my middle school days, I distinctly remember being completely engrossed by the day to day drama. I still did my work because that is just my personality but I HAD to know what other people were doing and I HAD to share this knowledge with my friends even if they were present for the exact situation. Its insane but seriously socializing was important.

Now, as a teacher I get to be the fly on the wall of all of that socializing. I mean..a loud fly that is basically asking my students to stop talking about their drama but still a fly none the less.

It can't be helped to overhear the stuff that is going on between my students. Sometimes its completely innocuous and frankly boring but other times I'm just as invested as their friends and I want to hear the outcome. "Like..girl she said what??" (I actually do this and they get super annoyed with me its funny..)

Sometimes, my students have better information than I do about a situation and its all about catching the news. Its important to stay informed about what is going on in the school. 

All in all, I would prefer my students to chill on their conversations while they are in my classroom but frankly, I didn't decide to teach middle school because I'm all about that periodic table.. its because they are stupid cute with their behaviors and antics and hilarious to listen to. 

Do you eavesdrop on your students' conversations??  




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