Spirited Quiet: When your Coffee Lover has all the mugs

Spirited Quiet: When your Coffee Lover has all the mugs

Over the past decade my husband has gradually become a coffee enthusiast... he started off making drip coffee with Bustelo and has escalated to fancy coffee makers. As his love for coffee has become well known.. people have given him various gifts for coffee making. Here are some of the gifts I myself have looked up in hopes of giving to him at some point. 


1. Cold Brew Coffee Maker: I originally purchased a glass cold brew bottle and he loved it but it eventually broke. I replaced it with this one because its bigger. He did enjoy it but definitely prefers the glass version. 


2. Coffee Bean Spoon: My husband likes to make precise measurements with his coffee so having a designated coffee bean spoon is a must. Here is a cute set I found on Amazon. There are tons of sets to choose from on Amazon and you may be able to find some on Etsy that can be customized. 



3. Atlas Coffee Club: When we moved away from Charlottesville, VA; my husband needed to find new coffee to frequently access. So I got him a subscription to the Atlas Coffee Club so he can try new coffees from around the world! He enjoyed and it definitely gave him an opportunity to discover what he likes and doesn't like. 


4. Pour Over Coffee Set: My husband prefers the pour over method for coffee so for Christmas I saw this awesome pour over coffee mug set and had to get it for him. Enjoys it and so do I. I think I probably use it more than he does. 


5. Coffee Roaster: Now this is for the ultimate coffee enthusiast. I'm not sure my husband would go this far but I think he would consider it. My husband goes to the Coffee Trader which is local coffee roaster in Avon, CT; he loves to see the coffee being made and perhaps he might consider doing his own. But if you know someone that is interested than perhaps this might be the thing for them. 




Have you've found some awesome gifts for your coffee lover? What are some of your favorite coffee gifts?? Share in the comments! 



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