Staycations or Vacations for the Summer?

Staycations or Vacations for the Summer?

Staycations or Vacations

At the beginning of the school year, I was thinking of planning a Florida vacation for my Spring Break. I was like..yea we can totally fly down, relax and then fly back just in time for school. Then the school year happened and as we mulled over our plans for my Spring Break..we ended up doing a quick trip to New Jersey to visit family but I was really happy to be able to spend most of my Spring Break relaxing at home. 

Now, that I am Summer break, many people have been asking what are your plans for the Summer?? 

Warning: Teacher on Break

I didn't plan much for this Summer besides, reading, painting and working on my website. I did that deliberately because this is the first Summer that I've actually had a full 2.5 months off. Up until this year I have always been 11month which means that I only got about 5 weeks off of the Summer. I would finish up at the end of June and then head back right at August 1st. Now, any teacher would tell you that 5 weeks is not enough to fully rest and relax from the school year. It can take almost 2 weeks just to get yourself acclimated to NOT having to report to school year each day. That would leave me 3 weeks to actually do anything if I wanted to do a vacation. 

Now that we have had a few weeks off from school do you prefer staycations or vacations?? 

I love being able to relax in my home and go about my daily routines without the pressure of having to make my lunches, fit in doctor appointments during the day or rushing around doing grocery shopping or any type of baby shopping. 

Before I had kids, I loved vacations especially if I got to go abroad but now with a 2 and 3 year old, my idea of fun is not dragging them anywhere that is more than a 20min car ride. When they are older and do not scream bloody murder if  you don't look at them while driving 70mph then perhaps I'll revisit the vacation idea. 


Do you like staycations or vacations?? Or both?? 


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