Survive the week with Meal Prepping!!

Survive the week with Meal Prepping!!

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 If I can recommend one essential thing you need to learn how to do immediately as an adult is Meal Prepping. It has drastically changed my quality of life AND has saved me money.

What is Meal Prepping??

For those of you that may not know, meal prepping is when you make all of your meals for your work week ahead of time. You buy all the ingredients and you prep and cook all the meals on one day and then when it is time to eat, you pop it into the microwave and viola! You are done!

Why did I start?

Even before I started meal prepping I have always been pretty good about making my lunch the night before. I wouldn't consider dinner but I typically have my lunch ready to go. The least amount of decisions I have to make in the morning the better my life goes in the morning and of course my entire day.

Shortly after my son was born and I was heading back to work; I realized that I needed to figure something out about our food situation. Our food situation was.. I would be at home and I would cook or my husband would come home and he would cook. But, when I thought about the amount of time it took to do anything with a newborn I realized that cooking every night was going to have to change.

So I literally Googled something like "What to do about dinner after having a baby..?" Its been 4yrs so I don't remember exactly but it was something to that effect.

It brought me a wealth of information but it actually brought me to this website called

Family Freezer

I believe it brought me here because she had mentioned about having kids in a blog post and meal prepping helped. I made a few of the meals that were available and immediately bought her book! I literally use her ebook every now for meals for dinner. I focused mainly on dinner and then eventually I started making the meals for my lunches and prepping them ahead of time.

How has it changed my life??

It has drastically changed my day to day life during the work week. I no longer worry about what to make and what to eat when I get home. Most of the time my dinners are in the crockpot and ready to eat. I no longer waste time in the morning trying to make my lunch while I feed myself and my kids breakfast and the really big one is I save money.

I'm not spending money on prepaid meals or getting take out. Everything has become more streamline since I started meal-prepping. I tell everyone that meal-prepping is the way to go.

What is my system??

I start off by looking at recipes and finding whatever I want to eat. Some recipes in the Freezer Crockpot book are easy to convert to a 5 day meal prep but some aren't. Also, you will eventually get bored so I try to scout out other recipes.

My favorite place to find recipes is the Tasty website


These are my favorites that I have made frequently. 

1. Chicken Burrito Bowl 


2.   Chicken Teriyaki Stir-Fry

3. Chicken Pesto and Veggies

 These particular meals are a bit chicken heavy but I often go without the chicken and more it a vegetarian dish. 



Have you've meal-prepped?? 
What are some of your favorite meals? 





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