Tips to brighten your room!

Tips to brighten your room!

This is the first year I am in a classroom where I'm able to decorate the walls. In my previous classroom, either the walls had cabinets, bulletin boards, or smartboards...yup 2 smartboards. While I did decorate I wasn't able to do much given the wall space.

However this year, I have a lot of wall space and I must admit when I entered, Iwas like this is a little institutionalized with all of these white walls.

One of the first things I have done, is decorate my classroom door. I never could because I used to have a glass through that was expected to be see-through. But now... I have a real door and I was excited. I printed out pictures of all my students and placed them on dots and tapped them to my door. The students love the door and they love to look at their own picture and their friends. 

The inside of the door  I placed WICOR strategies but in reference to science. We often understand what WICOR is for other subjects but not always science so when it closes they can take a gander at that.

Another way I added some colors to my walls was using these rainbow dots I got from Amazon.

The rainbow dots are not overwhelming yet it adds a little bit of color to the classroom so it doesn't feel like they are entering a padded room. In addition to the dots, I printed out some experimental design vocabulary words and pasted them on various colors and placed them on the wall.

Again, it was low budget but it was a way for me to add color to the room without having to purchase large posters for the walls.

How have you've decorated your classroom??


If you are looking for more ideas, here is an awesome article from We The Teachers with some tips!







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